Fraud Awareness & Training

We offer the Fraud Awareness, Campaign and Education (FACE) workshop, aimed at educating employees and corporate executives about fraud and fraud risks inherent in the business. Through this workshop tailored to specific industry challenges, examples and approach, we focus on teaching controls to deter / detect fraud and encourage employees to report wrongdoing. Employee education is one of the most effective methods of preventing fraud from occurring within your organization.

The FACE workshop is designed to:

  • Teach employees / senior management about common types of occupational fraud
  • What warning signs to be alert for
  • What to do if they suspect fraud

According to the 2014 report to the nations by the ACFE, Fraud cost between 5% to 10% of companies revenue; by implementing an effective fraud awareness program, management can harness the efforts of the full staff in its anti-fraud activities and can significantly reduce the cost of fraud within the organization.

The FACE workshop can be structured as an in house programme for staff and senior management.

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